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Zealous Representation For Victims Of Police Misconduct

At The Law Office of Douglas Parr, I take the time to examine your case and explain your legal options, including the potential advantages and pitfalls. I have a solid reputation as a straightforward, honest and aggressive lawyer who does not promise what he cannot deliver. If you are in need of an experienced trial lawyer who will aggressively fight to defend your rights in a court of law, then I encourage you to contact me, Douglas L. Parr.

These Actions Are Illegal

If you have been the victim of inappropriate or illegal behavior on the part of a police officer, you may be feeling angry, vulnerable or powerless to do anything about the situation. You are not alone – I am here to help. Police misconduct can take many forms:

  • Unlawful search and seizure – If a police officer searches your home, vehicle, property or person without the proper information, evidence and legal documentation in place, then the action is considered an unlawful search. If the officer conducts a search and seizes property without following proper procedure, then it is considered an illegal search and seizure. Both actions may be a violation of your constitutional rights.
  • Unnecessary use of force – If the situation does not warrant the level of force used by a police officer, then the officer has overstepped his or her boundaries.
  • Sexual assault – Sexual assault is a crime, regardless of whether or not the perpetrator was wearing a badge. Being forced to perform sexual acts with another prisoner, being inappropriately touched and being forced to undress without a legitimate reason are all forms of sexual assault. You do not have to suffer alone.
  • Withholding medical care – Police officers and jailers are required to provide care to individuals in need of medical attention. Withholding medical care is a form of abuse and an illegal activity.

Do You Think You Have A Case? Talk To Me.

I put more than 40 years of experience handling police misconduct cases, behind every case assessment. After examining the details of the situation, I will provide a straightforward evaluation. I will also take the time to explain how the legal process works and what to expect in terms of time, costs and benefits.

You Are Not Alone. I Am Here To Help.

From my office in Oklahoma City, I represent clients throughout the state of Oklahoma. Call 800-787-2415 to arrange a free initial consultation with me, Douglas L. Parr.