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Serious Drug Charges Demand A Serious Defense

At The Law Office of Douglas Parr, I will take the time to go over your case and explain your legal options, including the potential advantages, disadvantages and consequences. As a straightforward and direct attorney, I am committed to providing my clients with the information they need to make educated legal decisions. My clients appreciate the fact that I do not make promises I cannot keep.

I have more than 40 years of experience successfully representing people facing criminal charges such as drug trafficking, manufacturing, cultivation, possession with intent to distribute, possession of drugs, and possession of drug proceeds. If you are facing drug charges of any kind, I encourage you to contact me, Douglas L. Parr, to discuss the situation.

Were Your Rights Violated?

When faced with a criminal charge related to the search and seizure of drugs or drug-related property, it is extremely important to verify that the police followed the proper procedures. Conducting a search without the appropriate information, evidence or legal documentation can be a violation of the constitutional rights guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment. It can also be deemed an illegal search and seizure, which is a form of police misconduct.

Equipped To Identify Flaws In Drug Dog Searches

A large number of drug cases hinge on the use of a drug dog to alert the police to the potential existence of drugs. I am a recognized state expert in the use of drug dogs during a police search and one of the only lawyers in Oklahoma to successfully attack a drug dog search. I can examine the details about how the dogs were used and the deficiencies in their training.

I frequently teach the legal aspects of drug dog searches at the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Institute. I also lecture on this topic at seminars sponsored by the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, the Oklahoma Bar Association, the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Institute, and the Oklahoma County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. Contact Me Today To Get Started

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the severity of your drug charge. Contact me today to get started with your defense.

From my office in Oklahoma City, I represent clients throughout the state of Oklahoma. Call 800-787-2415 to arrange a free initial consultation with me, Douglas L. Parr.