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Helping You Protect What’s Yours

At The Law Office of Douglas Parr, my reputation as an extremely thorough and aggressive trial attorney is both strengthened and tempered by the fact that I am also selective about the cases I represent. My peers recognize that I make a point of addressing serious legal issues in need of more than a resolution – they need strong, aggressive, determined and zealous representation.

For over 40 years, I have zealously defended my clients’ rights throughout the criminal process. If you believe that your assets were illegally seized, I will move swiftly to help you protect what’s yours. You deserve assert advocacy. Get it at The Law Office of Douglas Parr.

Understanding Asset Forfeiture

Both state and federal government agencies have the ability to seize property that is supposedly derived from illegal conduct. The assets could be virtually anything, including houses, cars, jewelry, artwork and cash. Most criminal activity resulting in asset forfeiture is a drug-related offense, but it could be connected to white collar criminal charges such as fraud or money laundering.

Highway criminal interdiction or highway drug interdiction can result in the search of your vehicle and the seizure of property, particularly large quantities of cash. In Oklahoma City, and Oklahoma in general, interstate highways such as I-35, I-40 and I-244 are closely monitored by law enforcement agencies. If the police find large quantities of cash, they may choose to seize the funds and forfeit them to the state, despite having no proof of connection to drugs or other illegal activity – this is a form of illegal search and seizure.

Know Your Rights During A Search And Seizure

An illegal search and seizure is a form of police misconduct and a violation of the constitutional rights guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment. When the police search a residence, vehicle or other location, they must follow the appropriate procedures. That includes having the appropriate information, evidence and legal documentation in place. If these steps are not followed, then there may be grounds for having the evidence thrown out and the property returned.

You Deserve An Honest Evaluation Of Your Options

I put more than 40 years of experience handling asset forfeiture and illegal search and seizure cases behind every case assessment. After going over the details of the situation, I will provide you with a straightforward evaluation. I will also explain how the legal process works and what to expect in terms of time, costs and benefits.

Take The First Step Toward Protecting Your Property And Assets Today

From my office in Oklahoma City, I represent clients throughout the state of Oklahoma. Call 800-787-2415 to arrange a free initial consultation with me, Douglas L. Parr.