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The Proven Legal Ally You Want In Your Corner

When faced with issues involving criminal charges of any kind, asset forfeiture, highway criminal and drug interdiction or police misconduct, you want an attorney with extensive trial experience and a proven track record of success representing similar cases. Oklahoma’s prosecutors don’t take these issues lightly, and neither should you. You need an assertive legal ally in your corner to fight for your rights.

At my firm, The Law Office of Douglas Parr, I do not make promises that I cannot deliver. My reputation as a straightforward, honest and aggressive attorney is based on more than three decades of successfully representing Oklahomans. I encourage you to contact me and discuss your options before it’s too late to mount a strategic defense.

Get Skilled Representation For A Range Of Issues

I have the skills and insight required to take the complex cases that other attorneys decline. Do not hesitate to contact me if you are faced with any of the following legal issues:

  • Constitutional rights violations – Fourth amendment defense, including disputes involving illegal search and seizure, highway drug interdiction, the use of a drug dog, police misconduct and criminal charges related to civil disobedience or activism.
  • Criminal defense – Felony or misdemeanor charges of any kind, including drug violations and trafficking in contraband, and white collar crimes such as fraud or money laundering.
  • Asset forfeiture – Government seizure of assets believed to be derived from illegal conduct such as fraud, money laundering, drug trafficking and trafficking in contraband. This includes cash and other assets that are seized during a highway drug interdiction search.
  • Police misconduct litigation – Representing the victims of illegal search and seizure as well as police abuse cases involving the use of excessive force, rape and refusal to provide medical care.

Help Is A Call Or Click Away

From my office in Oklahoma City, I represent clients throughout the state of Oklahoma. You can easily reach me by calling 800-787-2415 to arrange a free initial consultation with me, Douglas L. Parr.