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Oklahoma City Criminal Law Attorney

At The Law Office of Douglas Parr, I pride myself on being straightforward and direct with all of my clients. I do not make promises I cannot keep. My reputation as a thorough, effective and aggressive attorney is based on more than three decades of experience successfully representing individuals facing criminal charges.

As your attorney, I will take the time to go over your case and explain your legal options, including the potential advantages and consequences. I will craft a legal strategy that is geared toward protecting your future as I zealously defend your rights in a court of law.

  • Felonies and misdemeanors — Criminal charges of all kinds, including theft, robbery, burglary, larceny, assault, sex crimes and issues with sex offender registration, and white collar crimes such as fraud and money laundering.
  • Drug crimes — Individuals faced with a wide variety of drug charges such as drug trafficking, manufacturing, cultivation, possession, possession of drug proceeds and possession with intent to distribute.
  • Activists — Activists involved in political action or civil disobedience need to be particularly careful about the criminal charges brought against them while exercising their constitutional rights. If you were arrested while peacefully demonstrating, protesting a cause or participating in a march, I encourage you to contact me to discuss your legal options.
  • Constitutional rights — An illegal search and seizure resulting in the loss of your property to an inappropriate use of asset forfeiture is a violation of the fourth amendment to the Constitution. If the police treated you unfairly, or actively participated in abusive behavior while you were being searched, arrested or held in custody, then you may be the victim of police misconduct.

Experienced Oklahoma County Drug Crime Lawyer

From my office in Oklahoma City, I represent clients throughout the state of Oklahoma. Call 800-787-2415 to arrange a free initial consultation with me, Douglas L. Parr, an experienced Oklahoma City criminal law attorney.

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